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5 keys to improve fluidity, balance, solidity, vitality, trust.







  • Improve your body awareness  and learning SENSING yourself with slow and gentle movements.                                                                                                                                                                       

  • Stimulate your brain plasticity and EXPLORE variations of movements and enrich the mobility of your whole self. Facilitate the transition towards more useful and freeing habits with less effort. 

  •  Move with  more ease and PLAYFULNESS and make the learning process pleasurable in order to maintain your curiosity in your life (using balls, balloons, sticks, fabric...).                                                                                                                                

  • SHARE your learning experiences, the awareness of your transformation, and  the benefits of a class as a social experience.                                              

  • Discover your own CREATIVITY and your personal style experienced from the within through movement. Maintain your inner flamme  while aging ( with balls, writing, art...).

Discover our membership "aging without shrinking"! ( in french only for now)

Studio en ligne Vieillir sans rétrécir

Illimited acces 24/24, 7 / 7.     On line classes, a library with 180 classes (in french only for now), monthly events...

Aging without shrinking!

Celebrate your moving body, and  shine all over the world through old age!

Claudie Pfeifer

Here is what I offer.

Group sessions

On line

Group sessions 

In english

More to come

Élèves jouant avec des foulards de couleur.

Group session

On line


Created by Ruthy Alon to improve Bone Health

In english

More to come

somatic coaching

On line or in person (in Côte saint Luc)

Aging without shrinking

"Making easy what is difficult"

Private session : 120 $CAN
Paiement in the shop 

Claudie aidant une élève.

The annual retreat : Aging without shrinking

In the country

Celebrate your ripening time

More to come

You want to know more about my teachings?

On Zoom group sessions 8 to 12 weeks around a specific topic : back pain or finding your balance...

Even if the session are group classes, every person get her personal attention.

We will start stand-in or laying down on the floor, depending of the lesson

For the on line sessions, I recommend to have a confortable mat ( thicker than a yoga mat). the Moveball is available in the shop and is mandatory for most of the classes.


Emballons-nous method

Ease of movement at any age

You want to continue dancing, jumping, running or simply walk gracefully as you age! All the teaching in somatic movement are based on recovering the movement skills of our early stages of development. I offer an invitation to sense and explore flexibility , coordination and conscious and pleasurable movements, to get rid of unnecessary tensions and optimize your way of moving in your daily life.

Personnes assises sur un ballon.

Bones For Life Method

Founded by Ruthy Alon. Trained in the first cohort of Moshe Feldenkrais, she developed the Bones for Life program to stimulate the antigravity functions of bones. it is a question of teaching dynamic, rhythmic sequences with the help of the wall to lengthen the posture and strengthen the bone structure. The equipment used includes 7 meter fabrics, weights and rollers. Ruthy Alon also created the "Chair", "Walk for life", "Eat for life" and Solutions programs (to address specific functional issues).

It's about reconnecting with the movement of the wave and stimulating the domino effect where each vertebra regains a mobility that will serve to spontaneously straighten the posture once standing.

A fantastic opportunity to keep bones strong and prevent osteoporosis!

You want to prevent osteoporosis and maintain a strong skeleton or slow down the deterioration process, if osteoporosis has been diagnosed The "Bone for Life" program contributes to your development during the aging process.

Personnes en cerclres avec des tissus de couleur sur le corps.

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