Meet Claudie

Hi! I am claudie Pfeifer, somatic educator, and coach. Founder of the on line studio "" (Aging without shrinking). I published my book ( in french only) : "in shape without violence, micro movements for our daily life".

femme et homme âgées se regardant.

My passion

Since 1972, my passion is about guiding women and men to deepen their awareness, move better, feel better, strengthen their self-esteem and continue to shine in the world through old age.

My path.

Functional dance teacher (graduate of the Rosalia Chladek International Association), I became a physical educator in a sports federation in France. It was at 40 that I went back to university to obtain a master's degree in education. While teaching, until today, I still continue to evolve and learn in various somatic approaches (Feldenkrais, Aïkido, Kinomichi, Yvonne Berge, Neuro-linguistic programming, Diamond Approach…). I developed the Emballons-nous method, a somatic approach with balls and creative expression I had the privilege to accompany hundreds of people in France and Quebec to move with awareness, freedom and authenticity.

Rivière en serpentin au coucher du soleil.

Following my immigration to Montreal in 1997, I became a massage therapist, then a certified teacher in the « Bones for life ® and Movement intelligence ®(Ruthy Alon) » program. In order to deepen my understanding and experience about the relation of movement and the brain, I got certified  in the Feldenkrais ® Method in the New England Training (FGNA), for the  Awareness through Movement Group Classes (ATM®)

I am very proud of my last realization which gave me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone: The creation of the online studio, "" (aging without

Femme faisant la lecture d'un livre avec tisane.

My Values

Whatever the shape of our body, our age, our life experiences, our limitations, it is possible to continue to develop and grow until the end of our life in a perspective of autonomy and freedom.

I am a woman committed to contribute to the collective well-being. To promote somatic education in our society, I am on the board of the Professional association of somatic education of Quebec (RES) and a member of the foundation of Movement intelligence (FMI).

My book ( in french)

Vivre en forme sans violence (Living in shape without violence) is about becoming aware of our moving self  with simple tools to find an authentic way of moving, with authenticity , Our daily life becomes  an opportunity to learn to move better, to flourish and to have fun.

To see the table of my book

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Livre visage de Claudie En forme sans violence.

Discover Somatic Education

The "emballons-nous®" method developed by Claudie Pfeifer

The "Bones for Life ®" Method developed by Ruthy Alon.

The Feldenkrais Method® from Moshe feldenkrais

An alternative to no pain no gain

"You don't have to suffer to get back in shape!"

My teaching is about the moving body in  its environment. Somatic education is  based on  neuroscientific knowledge about plasticity of the brain.

Classes are an invitation to explore different variations  of slow movements and an opportunity to let go of unnecessary tension. The participants become aware of their habits that led to limitations and pain so they can regain functional ease.

I do not demonstrate the movements. My guidance is more about asking questions to encourage research and discovery, to feel from the within, what is the right and comfortable movement for each person, rather than trying to imitate a model outside yourself.

My playful pedagogy allows you to learn with pleasure in a warm atmosphere without fear of error. Props(balloons, fabrics, sticks, etc.) are mediators and  learning facilitators for greater freedom.


Maintaining or regaining one's somatic well-being is ageless. All generations can benefit from it.

This is to meet 5 MAJOR NEEDS:

Find fluidity to move with grace

Refine your balanced discover your inner strength

Maintain bone strength and prevent or stabilize osteoporosis.

Decrease the effort to increase vitality without harming yourself.

Have confidence in your body regardless of its limitations

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