Sense better, move better, feel better through old age!

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23 Juin 2023. Forever Young - Living and Aging in Montreal West( 53mn) . Interview by Kathryn Minorgan, Bronia Zaks, Sharon Rozen, Eric Craven .

Claudie Pfeifer, somatic educator explains What is somatic education : about differences with exercise ,relation to habits, plasticity of the brain, agism, freedom, hope..


I am Claudie Pfeifer

My passion  is to guide you  in you transformation towards celebrating your moving body in each moments of your life as you age.


I love Claudie's somatic classes -  my body and Being always feel refreshed and renewed after a class.  Claudie is masterful in not only guiding us to find more ease, fluidity and increased range of motion in our bodies, but she also invites and guides us to return to our natural, joyful, and embodied ground of Being. 
Thank you for your classes!!

Shelly Sawada


This class is a blessing and a surprise to me.  Having sustained injuries from a serious fall, I was nervous to put myself in any situation which may put extra strain on broken areas and cause more harm. Instead I found the classes are integrative, healing, gentle yet challenging in a slow mindful way.  But the real gift here is the teacher Claudie whose approach emulates all the gentle self care any of us needs to bring to any kind of recovery or realignment of our bodies. Claudie’s skillful teaching helps you reclaim your body. Slow steady and powerful with the clarity and heart of an excellent teacher.

Catherine Comuzzi


“Each session with Claudie leaves me with a full experience of my body, able to connect and engage with more of my physical self. I also have more freedom to move and to release tension in my body. I will be at any session Claudie provides, they are always relaxing and playful. Join us!”

Terry St Pierre

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