Somatic education, a functional, psychological and spiritual guidance through the movement?

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I have a lot of gratitude for all those who have chosen to take my classes and workshops since I started. I started teaching in 1972 in France. 44 years ago !!! :  a lot of sessions; a lot of students over the years!

Then since my immigration in Quebec in 1997, I am gratefull to all the participants of the Center Emballons-nous who trusted me by committing themselves on this path of self-awareness through movement.

My work has evolved over the years. Those who follow me can testify. I believe in learning throughout life. It is important for me to continue to refine my teaching. Keeping me informed about the evolution of research in the field of movement and neuroscience is very important.  And of course, my students continue to be an opportunity to learn. I want to be able to meet their needs as precisely as possible.

What is more and more clear to me is that somatic education Emballons-nous/ Bones for Life is more than a class of gentle exercise. I propose an in-depth approach for more authenticity, confidence in life and joy in which I invite to dive with patience and curiosity.

The “soma” is defined by the living being as a whole, including three interrelated dimensions: functional learning (fluidity and solidity in one’s movements), psychological transformations (self-esteem, inner strength) but also a spiritual process (developping  confidence in life whatever the vulnerabilities and the challenges are)

I feel that my somatic work is evolving more and more towards a global approach of guidance including these three dimensions in order to feel good, to radiate and possibly make a difference in this changing world .

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