Human body is a delicate & intelligent machine. Claudie’s work provides a unique & gentle approach which helps me release deep blockages inside the body. I highly recommend this work to everybody.

My husband and I are in our mid-seventies—he 76, me 75.

We are still working and travel a great deal for our business.

We work as sales agents for medium size toy companies and our territory is Latin America. Syd is a chemical engineer and I have taught school and have my Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design and Photography.

As we grow older we try to keep up our health, strength and agility with exercise and meditation. I prefer quiet and rhythmic forms of exercise like Yoga.

Naturally I was drawn to Claudie Pfeifer’s “emballons-nous”. Claudie works with balls of different sizes to help us exercise and tone our muscles. Claudie works with us in a very individual way -each at their own ability. She makes us more aware of our bodies and how the different parts interact—like dancers.

I took both group classes and opted for a few individual sessions as well.

Both worked well for me.

Claudie has a warm and vibrant personality and her classes are great fun as well as work.

Sheila Greenberg