Claude PfeiferMy career for the last forty years has been in the field of somatic education as a practitioner, consultant and lecturer. I have done extensive studio work on a one to one basis and with groups focussing on teaching my clients to develop more presence, ease, fluidity and economy in their every day movements and in retaining these qualities as they advance in age. The rewards of this work has been the feedback from clients who report progress in moving through life with greater energy, self confidence and self- esteem.
My work is based on a background in dance, martial arts, various trainings in body work, and a method I have developed over the years called Emballons-nous which involves slow, low-intensity mat work using semi-inflatable balls of various sizes.

I am the author of a book which details my approach: Vivre en Forme sans Violence, les micro-mouvements pour bouger au quotidien.

Training and Professional background I began my career by studying danse (certification with the Rosalia Chladek International Association) and then moved on to work as a physical education specialist with a the FFPEM, a sporting federation in France. I returned to university at age 40 for a master’s in education and studied movement education with Yvonne Berge whose assistant I became for several years. At the same time I became a student of the Feldenkrais technique and the martial arts of Aïkido and Kinomichi.

I immigrated to Quebec in 1997 and became certified massage therapist (Kynéconcept). For the last couple of year, I also have integrated in my teaching a program to prevent osteoporosis based on the principles of Ruthy Alon’s program Bones for Life for which I am a certified trainer since 2016.


My values

Whatever the shape of our body, age,  life experiences, or  limitations are , it is possible to  teach our brain  through movement, to continue to develop and grow until the end of our life for more autonomy and freedom. I am a woman committed in contributing to collective well-being. In order to promote somatic education in our society, I am involved in the Regroupement d’Éducation somatique du Québec ( professionnel association of somatic education), of which I was president for 6 years.Hope to have the privilege of welcoming you in my awareness through mouvement classes Emballons-nous.


Membership in professional associations:

Member and past president of Le Regroupement pour l’éducation somatique du Québec (RES)





Member of la Fédération Québécoise de la Massothérapie (FQM)






Foundation for Movement Intelligence






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