COVID-19, an opportunity?

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I had wanted to write this article for several days, but I could not sit at my computer.

Femme avec un masque et une fleur.I don’t know how it is for you, but confinement changes my relationship to time. I live my day according to my inner rhythm. I wake up when the light and my somatic being invite me to do so. The same is true for meals. It’s hunger that reminds me that it’s time to eat. I Am aware of the various emotions that run through me and I welcome them all together. Yes, it is possible to be sad, anxious and full of gratitude at the same time.

Of course, I remain well connected to my environment because I am aware that we are sharing responsibility in this fight against Covid 19. We must all do our part to protect each other from this virus. I am a faithful listener of the daily government press briefing, which I fully follow. I also protect myself from the invasion of all those false informations on the web and I hope you do the same.

Of course the Center Emballons-nous has been closed since mid-March. This concerns a dozen professionals and a hundred people who usually come weekly to the Center.

We are living in a pandemic with harmful health effects. I think with compassion of those who are suffering so much all over the planet and of course those who have lost loved ones. However, I note that this confinement gives me time to observe various phenomena. I have the impression of living an experiential laboratory from which I will come out enriched. Certain realizations challenge me, fill me with hope and make me dream of a better world if we decide to learn from this pandemic. During my last meditation, I realized how impressed I am that this invisible micro-organism, the coronavirus, has managed to put the whole planet on hold and an economy on its knees.At the risk of shocking some of my readers, I really think that this virus has just offered us an opportunity to prioritize our health and well-being before financial considerations. Humans and their survival seem to take priority over the logic of profits. Would the coronavirus bring us back to finally aware of our own vulnerability and the health of the planet?What we are collectively going through collectively shows us the way of creativity, solidarity and mutual aid.Providing a time for my students to share how they are doing during my online lessons that I give for free, fills my heart. Receiving a call from our neighbors to ask me if we need something, touches me very much.I walk an hour almost every day, disciplined to respect the two meters of social distance in the streets. When I feel that those I meet do the same, I feel my nervous system relaxing. It makes me feel the importance of sharing responsibility with strangers. It reassures me and makes me happy. I find it interesting that our Premier thanked the representatives of the opposition for their collaboration beyond the political wars. The initiatives taken to promote local production and consumption are encouraging.

Could it be that the slaughter that decimates our elders in residence around the world, a real humanitarian catastrophy, is an opportunity to collectively realize that the time has come to treat aging generations decently and to value the staff who care for them.

Boucar Diouf, biologist and humorist, reminds us that our planet cannot be unbalanced indefinitely. Micro-organisms (viruses and bacteria) have existed for much longer than us and it is time to recognize their existence and their importance in the balance of living things.

As a grandmother, I am concerned with our earth well-been for the future of young generations. But Boucar challenges me on another level: what place do we leave to what is micro in our lives?

Little value is given to what is small, micro and barely visible in the hectic world we know. The only times the micromotion is validated is during rehabilitation following an injury or illness.

I have been teaching micro-movements for over forty years. I accompany men and women to develop awareness of their bodies and the environment in which they live. The heart of my teaching is to guide my students to reduce the effort and the amplitude of their movements in order to increase comfort in their movements. It is a way to prevent injuries, or to change habits that have led to pain and regain the confidence to move on a daily basis.

Becoming familiar with this way of moving takes time, patience and also humility.

This learning is done through the experience of small movements sometimes invisible to the untrained eye. They will become the support of large movements. The micro and macro movements become inseparable from each other. We need both to move and live freely in our bodies.

Forgetting that leads inexorably to a disorganized and costly way of moving in terms of tension, pain and discomfort.

What will remain after this pandemic? In any convalescence, the major mistake is to want to start too quickly. What if this dangerous invisible, microscopic virus could restore humans as a priority? This question concerns all of us. It is up to us to contribute, one micro-movement at a time, to walk towards a better world.

And you, what is the experience you are going through right now?

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