Claude Pfeifer

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For those taking two courses per week, there is a reduction of 50% on the second course.



Emballons-nous has as its mission to help people of all ages find their full energy, reduce wasted efforts and maintain well-being and health as long as possible in their personal and professional life.



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Charity Water-Enfant buvant un verre d'eauEvery day, about 1,400 children die from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

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I was drawn to Claudie Pfeifer’s “emballons-nous”. Claudie works with balls of different sizes to help us exercise and tone our muscles. Claudie works with us in a very individual way -each at their own ability. She makes us more aware of our bodies and how the different parts interact—like dancers.

I took both group classes and opted for a few individual sessions as well.

Both worked well for me.

Claudie has a warm and vibrant personality and her classes are great fun as well as work.

Sheila Greenberg


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